Pharmacy Management System

Customer Management Module
Supply & Purchase Module
One Click Installation
Inventory Module
Easy Invoicing System
Financial Module
Product Management Module
Fresh and Clean Code
Daily, Monthly, Yearly Sales, Profit and Expense Report
Due Payment Management
Choose Any Currency
Medicine, Drugs, Customers, Employees, Clients, supplier and Users management
POS (Point of Sale) management
Search Medicine, Customer, Purchase, Invoices by Its First Letter
Sales Graph
Print Invoices
Generate Report By Date Range and Many More

  • 24 Hour Research & Analysis
Pharmacy Management System Fee
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

The perfect CRM for enterprise
SuiteCRM, world’s most popular open source CRM, is the perfect CRM for enterprise. Unparalleled flexibility allows you to seamlessly integrate SuiteCRM into your business, enabling sales to sell more and customer services to work more efficiently. Maximise your revenue with the fully featured SuiteCRM.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is a systematic approach to obtaining, storing, and profiting from non-capital assets (raw materials and finished goods). The right stock, at the right levels, in the right place, at the right time, and at the right cost.
Entrepreneurs, founders, and independent brands now live in a native commerce world where small-to-medium businesses compete against global conglomerates.

Product Stroke & Delivery Management System

To map the geographically distributed equipment / material delivery in the country
To update relevant status in order to notify all the stakeholders
To reduce the hazel in allocating the employees for delivery of the equipment.
To track exact status of the delivery.
To maintain and improve delivery reliability
Automating related work process.
Document repository for each delivery

Micro Credit Management Software

1.Company details.
2.Chart of accounts.
3.Create Account type.
4.Create Group Chairman.
5.Admission (with pictures of member, signature & nominee)
=Loan management.
=Saving management.
= New account create.
=General loan.
=Monthly loan.
=Yearly loan.
=Disaster loan.
=Environment loan.
=Option for any customized loan.
=Multi customized option for saving account.
=New saving account no create.
=New saving account create.
=Installment management.
=Group chairman wise Saving /loan management.
7.Search personal info.
8.Search account info.
9.Search Client list.
10.Search Group member wise member list.
11.Add planning (where work schedule ,group schedule ,day schedule ,Etc.)
1.Item group.
2.Item list.
4.Purchase return.
6.Sale ret.

  • INVESTMENT. Module
  • - 6.Account registration
Best Order Management Software
HR Manager - Human Resource Management System

HRM is a Modern and Responsive Human Resource Management System. It is developed by PHP and Codeigniter framework.